Board Members

Jerry Rampelt

Jerry Rampelt has a long history of participating and volunteering with COP. He was the interim GOBA Director in 2017 and served as…

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy serves as Vice President and chairs the back-packing/hiking program activities. By day, she oversees nearly 200 Deputy Clerks in five…

Tricia Kovacs

Tricia Kovacs is a life-long Ohio cyclist who teaches bicycle education to adults and children in the Columbus area. She is retired from a software engineering career with AT&T/Lucent…

Scott Brown

Scott Brown is the Executive Director of one of the country’s largest Rotary Clubs. He is passionate about leading club members in service to the local and international…

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is an avid bicyclist, hiker and backpacker.  Forging his love for God’s great outdoors while attending high school in Colorado, he has continued to pursue…

Gordon Pry

Jeff Sherman

Jeff Sherman is an avid jogger participating in many local running events. He also serves as a volunteer for many COP events…

Lindsey Updike

Lindsey Updike has been cycling ever since she can remember thanks to her father Dennis. When she was eight years old she completed her first GOBA and has continued…

Mike Wadkowski

Mary Spikowski


Maureen Capehart

Maureen Capehart has served Columbus Outdoor Pursuits in several different capacities, including volunteer, XOBA director, and board director.

Lisa Daris

Lisa Daris has been the Director of Tour of the Scioto River Valley (TOSRV) since 2017 and enjoys the comaraderie and revelry of coordinating the nation’s oldest cycling event….

Jeff Pierron

Jeff began his duties with Columbus Outdoor Pursuits on October 1, 2018 after a long career in newspaper journalism, including the past 20 years at The Columbus Dispatch as…

Ron Eisele Memorial Outstanding Service Award Recipients

  • Charlie Pace  2003
  • Ed Honton  2004
  • Julia Schmitt  2005
  • Rick Hoechstetter  2006
  • Dick Seebode  2007
  • Wallie & Leo Hocke  2008
  • Steve Barbour  2009
  • Glenn Beachy  2010
  • Evelyn Murray  2011
  • Tony Schmitt  2012
  • Al & Phyllis South  2013
  • Myra & Rick Grove  2014
  • Myra & Rick Grove  2014
  • Doug Miller  2015
  • Jack Kyle  2016
  • Marilyn Webster  2017
  • Tony Skrabak  2018
  • Bill Egan  2019
  • Become a Volunteer