Matt Wolf


Matt Wolf’s outdoor passions include kayaking, running, and hiking — all with a hefty dose of environmental stewardship. Matt believes that future generations should be ensured of a quality natural places and outdoor recreation opportunities. With a lot more people arriving in central Ohio, sustaining healthy rivers, parks, and green spaces will require thoughtful planning and meaningful effort.
Matt’s epic experiences include backpacking through Alaska’s Brooks Range, kayaking the Scioto River in Ohio, trail running in the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon, backpacking Utah’s Canyonlands, and exploring ice caves in Antarctica. As a small-town Pennsylvania boy, his travels and adventures have afforded him the growth and widened his perspective.
He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Meteorology from Penn State. In his spare time he enjoys organizing litter and river cleanups, hitting the farmer’s market, and caring for his historic home in the Harrison West neighborhood of Columbus.