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Become an environmental steward!


Are you an outdoor enthusiast or organization that cares about the environment? Be the change the world wants to see.


Outdoor Pursuits models responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.  We also act deliberately to help keep central Ohio’s waterways, parks, and green spaces clean and healthy. 

 If your organization or team would like to schedule a event to make positive difference, contact us at or call 614-442-7901. 

  • Litter cleanups on local greenways, trails, or riverbanks.
  • On-river cleanups via kayak. We make it our business to remove litter and plastics from the Scioto River and other area waterways.
  • Plogging. Jogging (or walking) and picking up litter is a fun, healthy activity that rids our communities of rubbish and provides immediate results. 

Let us provide support for you and your team as you clean-up the areas we all love!

An experienced leader will coordinate the location so your group will have the most impact with their clean-up event. The leader will scout the area as part of the planning process.

 -Trash pickers, bags, gloves, and sanitize.

 -Permits, if necessary through the city or county where the clean-up takes place

 -Kayaks and canoes for river clean-ups