Paddle Sport Education

Start with a basic paddling skills course and then determine your path – still water, moving water, or white water, or all water! Graduate to more challenging classes and join us on some of the many trips led by experienced paddlers to help you sharpen your skills.

Click on the names of the items below and you’ll be taken to the registration page. An “*” indicates a class session. All other entries are trips, with plenty of opportunities to learn from the leaders.


Still WaterMoving WaterWhite Water

With a variety of lakes around Central Ohio, COP offers classes and trips for those who prefer the calm waters. Our beginning kayak class teaches basic paddle strokes, while also discussing safety and equipment needs. Look for week long paddling excursions.

For those who like leisure floats on moving waterways, we offer trips on some of Ohio’s most scenic rivers like the Big Darby, Mad and Kokosing, Our moving water clinics teach boat handling skills and safety in a moving current. You learn skills like ferries, eddy turns and river reading which allow you to control your boat going down a river so you can enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

Our Whitewater program offers many trips to Pennsylvania and West Virginia for kayakers, canoeists and rafters. Our Intro to Whitewater class is conducted on Class 1-!! rivers in Ohio and build the basic skills to help you step up into the harder rapids. With winter roll sessions in local pools, you can practice year round. All of our events have an education component to them, however, official course-structured sessions are indicated below with an asterisk.