Weekly Rides

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Different paces, every week by trained leaders all over Columbus and surrounding areas

Feel the Burn

Helmets are required on all COP rides.
Rides are Free, No Pre-Registration, Just Show and Go!

Tuesday Night Ride: 6:00 p.m. — April 2 to Sept. 24
A, B, C Pace
DogTap Brewery, 96 Gender Rd, Canal Winchester
Ride Leaders: Ric Noland at Cyclist Connection for details at 614-833-2453
cyclistconnection.com twitter.com/CyclistConnect

Tuesday Night Ride: 6:15 pm — April 9 to Sept. 10
B, C Pace
Heritage Trail – Hayden Run Trailhead, Hilliard (Click this for directions)
Meet by 6:10, prompt departure at 6:15
Directions, information, weather updates, and maps on https://www.strava.com/clubs/COPHilliard
Ride Leaders: Karl Litterer: 614-266-5495, Aaron Arehart 614-205-2012

Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. Olentangy Trail — April 10 to Oct. 30
C,D Pace
South end of the Hills Market center off State Route 315 just north of I-270
Ride Leaders: Gail Falkinberg: 614-861-4478

Thursday: 6:00 p.m. — April 11 to Sept. 11
B, C Pace
Heritage Trail – Hayden Run Trailhead, Hilliard (Click this for directions)
Ride Leader: Karl Litterer: 614-266-5495

Saturday:  8:00 a.m. (arrive by 7:45) Hilliard “Der Breakfast” — Saturdays — May 25 to Sept. 28 Skip 7/27, 8/24
B, C pace
Heritage Trail – Hayden Run Trailhead, Hilliard (Click this for directions)
Ride to Der Dutchman for breakfast. After breakfast, ride 30-40 miles.
Ride Leaders: Henk Colijn: hocolijn@gmail.com or 614-306-1162     Brian Richards: 614-738-9195,    Susan Shuter: 614-441-2067


The ride leader will accompany the group in the manner that best supports the entire group, not an individual rider. COP highly recommends that you contact the ride leader if you have any questions about the ride/tour.

Pace classes are intended to give a rough idea of the common “riding” speed of the group, rather than the average speed. Completing a century ride (100) miles in 5 hours indicates a mathematical average of 20 mph, but the common riding speed to required to complete this ride in 5 hours can easily be in the mid-20s. Variables such as wind, hills and time off the bike can greatly detract from an average, as it is a time-based figure. The speeds listed below refer to common “riding” speeds.

A 19-23 MPH:  Our fastest pace. Licensed racers frequently attend these rides, which might be listed as A+ rides in this schedule. Be prepared to maintain this pace over 30-50 miles on a weeknight ride, and 60-100 on a weekends. Stops typically are few and short. Average speeds can be over 20 mph. B 16-19 MPH:  A fast recreational clip. The ride distances will be somewhat lower than the “A” group, and the stops can be longer and more frequent. Opportunities for regrouping will be more frequent. C 13-16 MPH:   An enthusiastic pace. Many of our longer-distance riders ride in this pace range. The mood will be less competitive and more social. Groups will tend to stay together more, but the riding will still be consistent. The routes often avoid the hilliest options. D 10-13 MPH:   A very social pace. Riders can be experienced, or fairly new, but are usually familiar with the basics of cycling on the open road and in groups. Distances are modest, and often a meal stop or sight-seeing is involved. NR:   No designated speed. These rides are specifically oriented around introducing new riders to the sport. The pace will be dictated by those who attend, and often these rides are intended as an introduction to cycling. NR rides can use bike paths or roadways. DOWR:   Depending On Weather and Riders, usually for winter rides. This note in any ride listing indicates an “open” condition, and will usually be included with a pace class. The leader may choose to leave the pace, distance and destination to be decided by the group, so maps may not be included for these impromptu rides. You must wear a helmet on all COP rides.