Bicycle Tour Director's Conference - Day 2

11/02/2012 10:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Bright and Early for Breakfast 07.30
Speaker Brian Farris from USA Pro Challenge (was renamed from Quiznos Pro Challenge before the event even took place)
Allen headed into Simple to Sexy - Using New Technology and the Mobile App Economy Chris Glode from MapMyFitness and Ben Davis of Onsight Public Affairs
Maureen and Jerry headed into Managing  the Millions of Details - How to Operate more efficiently and Execute Quality Events within a Budget. Presented by Race HQ and Former US Postal Service Team ProRider Anton Villatoro. 

Allen indicated there was an overload of information and the session could have went on for another 30-60 minutes with ease. Everyone was very engaged.
Maureen and Jerry were a little disappointed as Anton talked extensively about riding on the US postal team, Riding in Europe and his experiences. The last few minutes he blew through a slide presentation about how to manage all the details you need to keep track of to get an event on the road. The methods touched on everything from project management software to the post-it notes around the monitor method.

Quick break to the facilities and back to it.
Allen and Maureen headed into Route Support.
A panel led by Chandler Smith of Ride the Rockies gave tips and pointers on what a team can do to keep the riders safe and on track. Topics ranged from hygiene at rest stops to how to space SAG vehicles to ensure the route is evenly covered. Did you know that Ride the Rockies uses state troopers on scooters for traffic control where they are needed?

Jerry attended Medical Support.
Hosted by Mamie Wheeler of the Portland Marathon. Don't be affraid to ask other events for their knowledge and experience. Plan for the unexpected. Communicate to Event Participants what to expect and what is expected. Always have a backup to the backup plan. Planning for your event size is critical. Smaller events do not need to have the full medical staff a larger event will need. Let the locals (Fire, EMS, Hospitals, etc) know you will be coming through their town.

Lunch with Speaker Jim Sayer of Adventure Cycling. Bicycle Tourism Boom, The Economics, Trends, and Opportunities. So much great information. We acquired a new talent, eating, drinking and taking notes. Listening was a given.

Listen to the Lycra. A panel of local riders from Colorado, Hosted by Chandler Smith. These riders, who have ridden multi-day events, talked about some of the things they did and did not like about the rides they had done. We are lucky to live in Ohio as they stated that they are used to paying in the range of $100 for a one day century! Here that would be quite the turn-off for a day ride

Vendor Expo. So many great companies that want to do business with us. They get it, they understand.

2012 Jersey Hall of Fame. (OK We did not win again, but we plan to be bigger and better for 2013)
Winner 2011 - Vuelta Puerto Rico
Winner 2012 - End of the World Tour

Dinner and Keynote Speaker Ron Kiefel.
Ron talked about growing up in a Bike Shop, Racing, and life.
Incredible! Thanks Ron! Great Job and Keep up the Good work!


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