COP Leadership Training  

All COP Leaders must be approved by their Activity Leaders and must have at a minimum, activity-oriented leader training including the Risk Management and paperwork sections of the Trip Leaders Manual.

Leaders of extended trips must attend the full leader training offered by the COP Office unless exempted by the Board.

Start by going to the Leader Training page and read the materials there.

After you have digested this information, you will need to:

1. take a quiz

2. Meet with a Leader Trainer for a 2 hour session

after which we expect you will be all set to join the cadre of COP Leaders.

Contact for the quiz.

Scheduled Leader Trainer Sessions are below.

New Leader Sessions 

Tuesday, June 14,
2016,   2-4pm

Thursday, June 30, 2016,   7-9pm
See instructions above.

Session will be held at the  COP Office.   
Questions? email: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, or Call 614.442.7901
Free Update Sessions for Long Time Leaders
Been a while since you took leader training? Please join us for an evening to make sure we are all on the same page. Well review Risk Management, paperwork and COP Policies, and discuss issues that effect us as leaders out on the roads, trails, and waters.
You must be a member of COP to take this class.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016,  2-4pm

Classes are held at the  COP Office.
Questions? email: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, or Call 614.442.7901

Bike Ride Leader Training  
January or February 2017  
Don't want to wait that long? Take one of the Saturday Classes listed above.

Location:  TBD

This Bicycling specific session is intended to help you with the practical aspects of leading a group ride.  Topics will include legal and documentation requirements, laying out and marking routes, and handling people while on the ride.  If you are considering being a COP ride leader you should attend.  Current ride leaders are encouraged to attend to refresh your knowledge and to contribute to the discussion.
Register online or by contacting one of the leaders.
Henk Colijn, (614)306-1162
Gordon Renkes

Additional materials:

The COP Trip Leaders Manual    2015 Ride Leader Training Presentation     2013 Ride Leader Handouts

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