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    This is a Greenland Inuit shaped 18 foot, 22 inch beam, sea kayak with hard chines and uptilted bow and stern. The cockpit shape and medium volume is made for a medium to large person 150-200 lbs or for additional gear stowage in two built in waterproof holds. The round, 8-inch front hold cover accesses 5 feet of dry storage. The rear oval 10-inch x  hatch cover accesses 7 feet of dry storage. The adjustable foot braces accommodate a wide range of leg lengths. 

    The higher volume, deeper cockpit and wider beam makes it comfortable for the larger paddler. The kayak will float with both storage holds and the cockpit totally flooded, making rescue and reentry easier. The hard chines gives the kayak great secondary stability in wavy conditions. The v-shaped, keel makes tracking straight, without the need for skegs or complicated rudders. The nylon rope deck lines facilitates use of your paddle and paddle float for self-rescue. There are several bungee straps for deck gear.


    The Manitou was custom made for me by Betsie Bay. It was manufactured in Oscoda Michigan, by the chief racing canoe builder, Tony,  of Sawyer Canoe Company, using the molds and the plans of Al Anderson, the hermit boat builder. The gel coated, epoxy/fiberglass composite  is lightweight, similar to kevlar or carbon composites, but lighter and tougher than plywood kits or DIYs. 


    Some minor scratches on gel coat, but none through into core epoxy/fiberglass layer.


    The Manitou is perfect for camping trips,where gear dry storage is important, when traveling in gusty wind and open water. The wider beam and overall length gives more initial stability than shorter, narrower sea kayaks, without sacrificing speed  or stability. 


    The flat chines and rugged hull, allows the Manitou to be car topped on a simple, inexpensive rack made of wood. (I use homemade, padded, 1 x 4 hardwood crossbars on Quick n Easy towers. See my separate for sale advertisement for these crossbars.)


    If you live within 250 miles of me, I will deliver free, subject to the payment terms below.



    • For free delivery, you must personally inspect and approve the purchase in Columbus, Ohio, and prepay by PayPal or pay in person by cash on inspection. (Sorry, no checks or credit cards accepted.)
    • You are not obligated to buy, if you are not satisfied by your inspection. Your PayPal purchase will be cheerfully refunded.
    • For our mutual protection, your PayPal, eBay and delivery address must match. Adequate photo identification (e.g. driver's license) must be presented that shows that you are the winning bidder.
    • For delivery distances greater than 250 miles, winning bidder can pick up or you can arrange for delivery by me, but at your cost, including insurance. Winning bidder's PayPal address must show on the bill of lading, if shipping is used.

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