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Boating Newsletter Submissions
The deadline for boating trip write ups for the COP newsletter will be due by 9:00 pm on the 3rd of every month. Items are due 1 month prior to, the month that you want an item published. For example, April Newsletter items will be due by March 3. We publish 2 months worth of trips at a time. In April, we will publish April and May trips. All submissions need to be either in a word doc, rich text doc or within the body of an email. They need to be sent to my home email address. Also, please do not send your Boating Schedule submissions to the COP newsletter editor or the webmaster directly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

If you are leading a multi-activity trip, you must go through the appropriate listing volunteer for each activity!

Keith Finn keith.finn@outdoor-pursuits.org
614/ 560-3558

Boating Stories and photos may be sent directly to the newsletter editor.
Please send stories as plain text (no formatting!).  If you wish to have it posted here on the website also, please copy Keith  keith.finn@outdoor-pursuits.org

For the newsletter, send photos as high resolution jpgs or pngs and include  caption information. (who is doing what, when and where, who took the photo).  The website can handle alot more photos than the newsletter, so we encourage you to send photos to the the boating webpage volunteer listed above.  Send them as jpgs or pngs with a resolution of no more than 800 x 600.

The Deadline for boating stories and photos for the newsletter is 11:59pm on the 15th of the preceeding month. i.e. May 15 for June issue.  Send them directly to the Newsletter Editor editor@outdoor-pursuits.org


For sea kayaks,
    John Lane, 614-486-4548, lane.30@osu.edu

For canoes, or inflatables: 
    Walt Taylor 614-519-8633, boating@outdoor-pursuits.org

For whitewater kayaks,
     Lisa Daris, 614-421-8187, boating@outdoor-pursuits.org

(Rental requests need to be made well in advance (at least a week) of needing boats.)

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