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Our volunteers lead a variety of trips for everyone . . . from those who just purchased a first canoe or kayak to those who count their fleet on more than one hand.  COP offers single day trips, after-work excursions, weekend trips, and weeklong water adventures.  We paddle calm flatwater on local and out of state lakes and placid streams, take on raging whitewater in Appalachia, and explore open coastlines along our Great Lakes. 

In addition to trips, COP also offers instruction on how to safely enjoy your new boat out on the water.  We offer instruction on flatwater, open water, moving water, and whitewater canoeing and kayaking.  We have ACA certified instructors and have a number of Quickstart classes, including family and kid oriented classes. Kayak I will soon be taking registration.  Not to worry, the class is taught in an indoor pool. 

Our members enjoy rental privileges from our large fleet of solo and tandem flatwater canoes, whitewater kayaks, recreational and sea kayaks (including sit-on-top models), 6 & 8-man rafts, and duckies.  We also have PFDs, paddles, helmets and airbags (for the whitewater boats) available with the boat rental. 

Consult the Boating Activity Schedule to see a listing of upcoming trips and classes.  Make sure to read our articles and peruse our photos to see our members in their latest adventures on the water!

For all trips, read the description of the trip and contact the trip leader before attending.  If you are new to COP boating, please also read our Boating Trip Guidelines.  These will help explain what to expect on our trips and also provide a description on the Class rating system for whitewater rivers.  If you have further questions regarding a trip or your suitability for a trip, contact the trip leader listed.

Lastly, please note that PFDs are REQUIRED to be WORN on all COP boating trips.

For general questions regarding the Boating program, contact the Boating Activity Leader:  boating@outdoor-pursuits.org.
Please consider joining our Facebook page:  COP Boating Facebook

Upcoming events

    • 01/30/2017
    • 12/29/2017
    • Varies

    If you need to reserve equipment, you are in the right place. Click Register and you'll be prompted for type of boat, number of boats, and date you need them. 

    Please register any guests that will be using the equipment as well, as this is an insurance requirement through COP. Thanks!

    NOTE: Rental requests should be made at least a week ahead of time to allow coordinating pick-up.

    • 12/05/2017
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Grandview Heights Public Library, 1685 W 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
    This is where COP trip leaders will create a rough schedule of boating trips for 2018.

    Everyone is welcome! We want to hear from recreational kayak paddlers, whitewater boaters, canoeists, sea kayakers - everyone who wants to dip a paddle in the water!

    The meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 5, at 5:30 pm.  It will be at the Grandview Heights Public Library, 1685 W 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43212. We will be in the meeting room in the basement.

    Please attend and help us create a strong schedule for 2018. If you would like to become a Boating Leader, we will have info on how that can happen as well.

    If you have items you would like to add to the meeting agenda or other questions, please contact Mary Spikowski, mspikowski@msn.com or (614) 561-5561.  
    • 12/15/2017
    • 9:00 AM
    • 12/22/2017
    • 5:30 PM
    • OSU Outdoor Adventure Center
    • 10

    Wilderness First Responder
    A COP Leadership Path Course

    December 15 - 22
    Pre-requisite: Currrent CPR Certification

    Created to provide outdoor leaders, guides, and rangers with the knowledge to deal with crises in remote situations, this course provides 72 hours of intensive training, culminating in certification that meets all DOT National Standards for First Responder with additional protocols for extended care situations.

    WFR is the most widely recognized and most often required outdoor leader certification. In addition, the Wilderness First Responder can also serve as Part 1 of the Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) certification, provided WEMT Part 2 instruction is completed within one year.

    COP is partnering with a SOLO instructor and the OSU Office of Student Life Department of Recreational Sports to present this course.

    This intensive 72-hr course takes place over 8 days. A typical day consists of a mixture of hands-on practical skill work and didactic lecture sessions. To optimize learning potentials, SOLO complements these sessions with a variety of mock scenarios and simulations. The program is fast-paced and both intellectually and physically demanding.

    Students who successfully complete the SOLO Wilderness First Responder course will receive a SOLO Wilderness First Responder card. Certification is based on successful completion of the course. In order to do so, all certification candidates are required to participate in 100% of the course. SOLO instructors provide ongoing feedback and many opportunities for questions. Final assessment includes written and practical exams.

    Location: OSU Outdoor Adventure Center
    110A ARC, 855 Woody Hayes Drive, Columbus, OH 43210

    The Outdoor Adventure Center Conference Room inside Adventure Recreation Center (ARC Bld #211). A note about parking at the ARC CampusParc is a private firm that manages all aspects of parking at Ohio State. Your most affordable option as a visitor is to purchase a remote (West Campus) surface lot pass, which costs $11.25 for a month (good for 30 days).  Because the class is held during “off-peak” hours, i.e. the weekend, you can park just outside the ARC without fear of a fine.  Information about purchasing a parking permit for visitors can be found here. On the first day of class, we can help direct you to the best option for parking, but if you are buying a permit, we recommend doing so before arriving.

    The OAC can also host indoor “camping” at our facility. Those who elect this option may stay at the OAC and have access to showers and food storage/preparation areas. There is no cost for this option, but reservation must be made prior to the start of class. Specific rules of conduct and access will be covered for those who choose to take the option.

    Course Fees:
         $495/COP members

    Certification Requirements: You must:
     - Participate in all sessions and pass the exam.

     - Be physically able to complete the class work

     - Be 16 years or older. If you are under 18, a legal 
         guardian must sign the COP Liability Release also.

    Contact office@outdoor-pursuits.org or 614/442-7901 with questions.

    Parts of the class are taught outdoors, so be prepared to be outside no matter what the weather. Go to the SOLO website for the complete course description, www.soloschools.com/

Past events

11/04/2017 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater Trip
10/23/2017 Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election Night
10/21/2017 Kayak/Raft New River Bridge Day
10/07/2017 Lower Gauley, Class IV
09/30/2017 Hoover Flat Water Paddle
09/23/2017 Lower Gauley Kayak or Raft, Class IV
09/09/2017 Lower Gauley, Class IV
09/01/2017 Nantahala River, NC Labor Day Weekend
08/18/2017 Multi-sport Outdoor Adventure Weekend
08/12/2017 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater Trip
08/12/2017 Introduction To Kayaking (Outdoor Session)
08/09/2017 Hoover Flat Water Paddle
07/30/2017 Mad River Family Trip
07/29/2017 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater Trip
07/26/2017 Wednesday Night Paddle
07/22/2017 Lower New, Class III-IV
07/22/2017 Lehigh River, PA
07/15/2017 K3 Skills Trip
07/12/2017 Wednesday Night Paddle
07/09/2017 Mad River Family Trip
07/08/2017 Introduction To Kayaking (Outdoor Session)
06/25/2017 Mad River Family Trip
06/17/2017 Hoover Reservoir Paddle
06/17/2017 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater Trip
06/14/2017 Wednesday Night Paddle
06/10/2017 Big or Little Darby Creek, OH
06/06/2017 Alum Creek Boating Events (ACBE) 2017
06/02/2017 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater Trip
05/26/2017 Slippery Rock Creek, PA
05/20/2017 Introduction To Kayaking (Outdoor Session)
05/19/2017 Stonycreek Rendezvous
05/13/2017 Introduction to Moving Water Class
05/06/2017 Cheatfest - Whitewater the next step Class II - III
04/30/2017 Kokosing River
04/22/2017 Intro to Whitewater - 2017
04/22/2017 Class II/III Whitewater
04/22/2017 Little Beaver Creek Pagan Paddle
04/09/2017 Winter Pool Practice April 9, 2017
04/02/2017 Winter Pool Practice April 2, 2017
03/26/2017 Winter Pool Practice March 26, 2017
03/24/2017 2017 Southern Flatwater Boating Trip
03/19/2017 Intro to Kayaking Class
03/19/2017 Winter Pool Practice March 19, 2017
03/12/2017 Winter Pool Practice March 12, 2017
03/05/2017 Winter Pool Practice March 5, 2017
02/26/2017 Winter Pool Practice February 26, 2017
02/19/2017 Winter Pool Practice February 19, 2017
02/12/2017 Winter Pool Practice February 12, 2017
02/05/2017 Winter Pool Practice February 5, 2017
01/29/2017 Winter Pool Practice January 29, 2017
01/28/2017 COP Winter Mixer and TOSRV Kick-Off Party
01/22/2017 Winter Pool Practice January 22, 2017
01/15/2017 Winter Pool Practice January 15, 2017
01/08/2017 Winter Pool Practice January 8, 2017
12/18/2016 Winter Pool Practice December 18, 2016
12/18/2016 49th Flocking to the Hocking
11/16/2016 Boating Scheduling Meeting for 2017
10/18/2016 Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election Night
10/12/2016 2016 Current River Canoe Camping
10/11/2016 2017 Boating Programming Planning
09/24/2016 Lower Gauley, West Virginia
09/22/2016 New Leaders Meeting
09/13/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
09/10/2016 Lower Gauley, West Virginia
09/07/2016 New Leaders Meeting
08/28/2016 Mad River Family Trip
08/13/2016 Beginning Kayak Class #5
08/13/2016 Beginning Kayak Class #4
07/22/2016 New River Gorge, West Virginia
07/16/2016 Mad River Family Trip
07/16/2016 New River Gorge, West Virginia
07/14/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
07/12/2016 New Leaders Meeting
07/09/2016 Beginning Kayak Class #3
07/09/2016 Beginning Kayak Class #2
06/30/2016 New Leaders Meeting
06/28/2016 ACBE - Roll at the beach
06/28/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
06/18/2016 Learn to Sail!
06/14/2016 New Leaders Meeting
06/11/2016 Class 2/3/4 Group skill level / water level dependent
06/04/2016 Learn to Sail!
06/04/2016 Swiftwater Rescue Class
06/04/2016 Introduction to River Kayaking Class
06/02/2016 Boating Steering Committee
05/28/2016 Lehigh May 28 & 29 (Memorial Day weekend)
05/21/2016 Beginning Kayak Class #1
05/21/2016 Slippery Rock - Newbie/Oldie Trip
05/20/2016 Stoneycreek Rendezvous
05/19/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
05/18/2016 New Leaders Meeting
05/17/2016 Program Meeting - Jumpstarting the COP Climbing Program
05/14/2016 Lower Yough May 14 & 15
05/14/2016 Introduction to River Kayaking Class
05/12/2016 New Leaders Meeting
05/11/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
05/07/2016 Cheat Narrows Beginner/First Timers
05/06/2016 55th TOSRV Volunteers Needed
04/30/2016 Learn Your Park Cbus 2016 Powered by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
04/28/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
04/23/2016 Little Beaver Creek Pagan Paddle, Class 1 Trip
04/19/2016 Program Meeting -Hiking the Wales Coast Trail
04/16/2016 Leader Training
04/16/2016 Intro to Whitewater - 2016
04/01/2016 2016 Southern Flatwater Boating Trip
03/22/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
03/20/2016 Winter Roll Session March 20 2016
03/19/2016 Leader Training
03/13/2016 Winter Roll Session March 13 2016
03/06/2016 Winter Roll Session March 6 2016
03/05/2016 Wilderness First Aid
02/28/2016 Winter Roll Session February 28th 2016 at Groveport
02/27/2016 Leader Training
02/24/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
02/14/2016 Rolling with Bill #2
02/12/2016 COP Table at the Adventure Summit
02/07/2016 (copy) Winter Roll Session February 7th 2016 at Groveport
02/05/2016 Winter Roll Session February 21 2016
01/31/2016 Winter Roll Session January 31st 2016
01/26/2016 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
01/24/2016 Winter Roll Session January 24th 2016
01/23/2016 Wilderness First Responder, Cancelled!
01/19/2016 Heartsaver® First Aid Basics
01/17/2016 Winter Roll Session January 17th 2016
01/17/2016 Rolling with Bill
01/13/2016 Heartsaver CPR Class
01/10/2016 Winter Roll Session January 10th 2016
01/09/2016 Leader Training
12/13/2015 48th Flocking to the Hocking
12/05/2015 Leader Training
11/07/2015 Leader Training
11/06/2015 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater - Class 3+
10/27/2015 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
10/25/2015 Kokosing River Day Trip
10/24/2015 Leader Training
10/20/2015 Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election Night
10/16/2015 New River Bridge Day!!
10/04/2015 COP Table at Darby Creek Day
10/02/2015 COP Table at Midwest Outdoor Experience
10/02/2015 Lower Gauley, Class IV
09/26/2015 Leader Training
09/25/2015 WILDLIKE
09/23/2015 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
09/23/2015 2015 Current River Canoe Camping
09/15/2015 Program Meeting -Hiking and Camping with COP
09/12/2015 Kelly's Island Poker Paddle
09/11/2015 Lower Gauley, Class IV
09/04/2015 Youghiogheny River Boat/Bike/Hike
08/25/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
08/23/2015 Mad River Kids Trip
08/22/2015 Twin Lakes / O'Shaunessy Reservoir day trip
08/18/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
08/15/2015 Intro to River Kayaking Class (IRK)
08/11/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
08/08/2015 Recreational Kayak Class #4
08/04/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
08/01/2015 Recreational Kayak Class #3
08/01/2015 Recreational Kayak Class #2
07/31/2015 Intermediate Trip for Whitewater Paddlers - Class 3
07/28/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
07/24/2015 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater - Class 3+
07/21/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
07/17/2015 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater - Class 3+
07/15/2015 WNP Griggs Reservoir, Riverside Drive Marina
07/14/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
07/11/2015 Mad River
07/10/2015 New River Gorge Whitewater - Class 4
07/10/2015 Stoney Creek Whitewater - Class 3+
07/08/2015 WNP - Kayaking for Cyclists!
07/07/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
06/30/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
06/26/2015 Slippery Rock Creek Whitewater - Class 3+
06/23/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
06/20/2015 Mad River
06/16/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
06/13/2015 Paddle the Darby
06/13/2015 Introduction to River Kayaking Class
06/12/2015 Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater - Class 3+
06/10/2015 WNP - Kayaks for Cyclists
06/09/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
06/03/2015 Rafting 101
06/02/2015 Alum Creek Roll Session
05/30/2015 Recreational Kayak Class #1
05/30/2015 Twin Lakes / O'Shaunessy Reservoir day trip
05/30/2015 Savage River Dam release Class 3/4 river
05/23/2015 Cheat River overnighter - canoe camping! Class 1
05/22/2015 Intermediate Trip for Whitewater Paddlers - Class 3
05/15/2015 Newbie Trip for Whitewater Paddlers - Class 3
05/15/2015 Stonycreek Rendezvous Class 3/4 river
05/09/2015 Kokosing River day trip
05/09/2015 Piedmont Lake paddle/ camp
05/01/2015 Cheat Fest! Cheat Narrows or similar Class II/III river
04/23/2015 Camping Group Meet & Greet Planning Dinner
04/22/2015 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
04/21/2015 Program Meeting -Hiking the Arizona Trail
04/18/2015 Rocky Fork / Paint Creek day trip Class 2
04/17/2015 Dry Fork of the Cheat - Class 3
04/11/2015 Leader Training
04/04/2015 Little Beaver Creek Pagan Paddle
03/29/2015 Winter Roll Session
03/24/2015 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
03/22/2015 Winter Roll Session
03/21/2015 Leader Training
03/21/2015 Follow the Water
03/20/2015 2015 Southern Flatwater Boating Trip
03/15/2015 Winter Roll Session
03/08/2015 Winter Roll Session
03/07/2015 2015 Spring Ice Breaker - Class 3
03/07/2015 Wilderness First Aid
03/01/2015 Kayak 1 School
02/26/2015 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
02/23/2015 Heartsaver® First Aid Basics
02/22/2015 Winter Roll Session
02/21/2015 Leader Training
02/16/2015 Heartsaver CPR Class
02/15/2015 Winter Roll Session
02/08/2015 Winter Roll Session
02/01/2015 Winter Roll Session
01/25/2015 Winter Roll Session
01/22/2015 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
01/21/2015 Boating Scheduling Meeting for 2015
01/18/2015 Winter Roll Session
01/18/2015 Kayak Roll Lesson
01/17/2015 Leader Training
01/11/2015 Winter Roll Session
01/04/2015 Winter Roll Session
12/14/2014 47th Flocking to the Hocking
12/09/2014 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
12/06/2014 Leader Training
11/15/2014 Paint Creek/Rocky Fork
11/08/2014 Leader Training
10/21/2014 Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election Night
10/19/2014 Kokosing River Day Trip
10/11/2014 Lower Gauley/ New Canyon, Class IV
09/16/2014 Program Meeting -Jungle Hiking
08/27/2014 WNP Hargus Lake
08/27/2014 WNP - Hargus Lake
08/26/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
08/20/2014 WNP Middle Alum Creek
08/20/2014 WNP - Middle Alum Creek
08/19/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
08/16/2014 Boat and Climb
08/13/2014 WNP - Confluence Park to Greenlawn
08/13/2014 WNP Confluence Park to Greenlawn
08/12/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
08/09/2014 Intro to River Kayaking Class (IRK)
08/06/2014 WNP South Hoover Reservoir
08/05/2014 Quickstart Rescue Class
08/05/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
07/30/2014 WNP Madison Lake
07/29/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
07/23/2014 WNP South Alum Creek Reservoir
07/22/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
07/20/2014 Quickstart Trip Class
07/19/2014 Quickstart Kayak Class 2-6pm
07/19/2014 Quickstart Kayak Class 9am -1pm
07/16/2014 WNP Griggs Reservoir, Riverside Drive Marina
07/15/2014 Rec Kayak Class 6-8pm
07/15/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
07/14/2014 Quickstart Kayak Class
07/14/2014 Quickstart Kayak, Trip & Rescue
07/12/2014 Lower New, Class III-IV
07/09/2014 WNP Hargus Lake
07/08/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
07/06/2014 Kayak and Canoe Fishing
07/03/2014 Red, White and Boom (CANCELLED)
07/01/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
06/25/2014 WNP Frisbee Park to Downtown - CANCELLED
06/24/2014 Rec Kayak Class 6-8pm
06/24/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
06/18/2014 WNP OShaughnessy Reservoir, Home Road Marina
06/17/2014 Rec Kayak Class 6-8pm
06/17/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
06/11/2014 WNP Madison Lake, London OH (cancelled - algae)
06/10/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
06/07/2014 Class II-III Newbie Trip
06/04/2014 WNP OShaughnessy Reservoir, Home Road Marina
06/03/2014 Rec Kayak Class 6-8pm
06/03/2014 Recreational Kayak Class
06/03/2014 Boating-Alum Creek Boating Event
06/01/2014 Kokosing Class I/II
06/01/2014 Kokosing River Day Trip
05/24/2014 Lower New River Gorge, Class 4
05/17/2014 Casselman River, Class II/III
05/10/2014 The Columbus Adventure Expo
05/10/2014 NEW One-Day TOSRV and Columbus Adventure Expo
05/03/2014 Cheat Narrows or similar Class II/III river
04/29/2014 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
04/25/2014 Kayak II / Canoe School
04/22/2014 Program Meeting -Boating
04/12/2014 Leader Training
04/12/2014 Dry Fork of the Cheat
04/05/2014 Kayak 1 Session #3 (class 2)
03/30/2014 Winter Roll Session
03/29/2014 Kayak 1 Session #3 (class 1)
03/20/2014 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
03/16/2014 Winter Roll Session
03/14/2014 2014 Southern Flatwater Boating Trip
03/12/2014 Heartsaver CPR Class
03/09/2014 Winter Roll Session
03/08/2014 Kayak 1 Session #2 (class 2)
03/08/2014 Leader Training
03/02/2014 Winter Roll Session
03/01/2014 Kayak 1 Session #2 (class 1)
03/01/2014 Wilderness First Aid
03/01/2014 Spring Ice Breaker
02/15/2014 Kayak 1 Session #1 (class 2)
02/14/2014 COP Table at Adventure Summit
02/09/2014 Winter Roll Session
02/08/2014 Kayak 1 Session #1 (class 1)
02/02/2014 Winter Roll Session
01/26/2014 Winter Roll Session
01/25/2014 Ride Leader Training
01/23/2014 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
01/19/2014 Winter Roll Session
01/18/2014 Wilderness First Responder
01/12/2014 Winter Roll Session
01/11/2014 Leader Training
01/08/2014 Heartsaver® First Aid Basics
01/07/2014 Heartsaver CPR Class
01/05/2014 Winter Roll Session
12/08/2013 Winter Roll Session
12/07/2013 Leader Training
12/01/2013 Winter Roll Session
11/20/2013 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
11/17/2013 Winter Roll Session
11/16/2013 Leader Training
11/09/2013 Yough Stop Area Paddle
10/27/2013 Kokosing River Fall Color Paddle, Class II
10/26/2013 Leader Training
10/15/2013 Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election Night
10/12/2013 Lower Gauley, Class IV
10/05/2013 Current River Canoe Camping
09/21/2013 Lower Gauley, Class IV
09/07/2013 Lower Gauley, Class IV
08/27/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
08/25/2013 ACA Quickstart Kayak Trip Class
08/25/2013 Get Your Feet Wet Trip Class
08/23/2013 CANCELLED! Family Whitewater Weekend
08/20/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
08/18/2013 ACA Quickstart Kayak Rescue Class
08/17/2013 ACA Quickstart Kayak Class
08/17/2013 ACA Quickstart Kayak Class
08/17/2013 Boat & Climb Weekend
08/14/2013 ACA Quickstart Kayak Class
08/13/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
08/10/2013 Lower Yough, Class III+
08/06/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
08/02/2013 Intermediate WW Class III
07/30/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
07/27/2013 Leader Training
07/27/2013 Upper New River, class II/II+
07/27/2013 Lower New, class III/IV
07/23/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
07/20/2013 Upper New River, class II/II+
07/20/2013 Lower New, class III/IV
07/16/2013 Program Meeting - Camping Kickoff!
07/16/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
07/14/2013 NOTE! Date Change! 2013 Mad River Family Boating Trip
07/13/2013 Olentangy Paddle & Pedal
07/09/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
07/09/2013 Quickie Kayak Class
07/06/2013 Lower Yough Class III+
07/05/2013 Bob Dorwart Lower Yough Memorial Paddle (class III/IV)
07/03/2013 Red, White & Boom
07/02/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
06/29/2013 Mad River or Little Miami River
06/29/2013 Mad River or Little Miami or . . .
06/22/2013 Lower Yough Class III+
06/22/2013 Lower Yough Class III+
06/18/2013 Quickie Kayak Class
06/15/2013 C.O.P. Information Booth at 25th GOBA Opening Day
06/15/2013 New River Gorge Class IV
06/15/2013 New River Gorge Class III/IV
06/08/2013 Newbie Trip Class II+
06/08/2013 Newbie Trip Class II+
06/08/2013 Essentials of River Kayaking Class
06/08/2013 Essentials of River Kayaking Class
06/04/2013 ACBE - Alum Creek Boating Event
06/01/2013 Newbie Trip - Casselman
05/25/2013 Memorial Day Fun Fest - Class II/???
05/18/2013 Casselman or somewhere, Class II/III
05/04/2013 Cheat Fest - Narrows or similar Class II/III river
04/28/2013 Kokosing River Paddle (class I/II)
04/19/2013 2013 Kayak/Canoe School (Intro to Whitewater)
04/13/2013 Leader Training
04/06/2013 Dry Fork of the Cheat (Class II/III)
04/06/2013 Spring Break In West Virginia
03/30/2013 Little Beaver Creek Pagan Paddle (postponed)
03/28/2013 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
03/23/2013 Kayak I School
03/17/2013 Winter Roll Session
03/16/2013 Kayak I School
03/15/2013 2013 Southern Flatwater Boating Trip
03/10/2013 Winter Roll Session
03/09/2013 Leader Training
03/03/2013 Winter Roll Session
03/02/2013 Kayak I School
02/24/2013 Winter Roll Session
02/23/2013 Kayak I School
02/17/2013 Winter Roll Session
02/12/2013 Program Meeting - Rafting The Grand Canyon
02/10/2013 Winter Roll Session
02/09/2013 Ride Leader Training
02/03/2013 Winter Roll Session
02/02/2013 Wilderness First Aid
01/27/2013 Winter Roll Session
01/26/2013 Ann's Almost Annual Potluck
01/23/2013 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
01/20/2013 Winter Roll Session
01/19/2013 Leader Training
01/16/2013 Heartsaver® First Aid Basics
01/15/2013 Heartsaver CPR Class
01/15/2013 THE BIG 3 Program Meeting
01/13/2013 Winter Roll Session
01/06/2013 Winter Roll Session
12/16/2012 Flocking to the Hocking
12/16/2012 Winter Roll Session
12/08/2012 Leader Training
12/02/2012 Winter Roll Session
12/01/2012 2013 Boating Scheduling Meeting
11/20/2012 Program Meeting – Winter Activities.
11/15/2012 Update Session for Long Time Leaders
09/25/2012 Update Training Session for Long Time Leaders
09/24/2012 Yough Stop Fee
09/15/2012 Leader Training
06/16/2012 Leader Training
03/16/2012 Southern Flatwater Canoe Trip
03/03/2012 Spring Ice Breaker Trip - Class III
02/04/2012 Whitewater Kayak l School
01/15/2012 Winter Roll Sessions

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