Lower Gauley River Trip

by Chris Russell

Gauley Season begins when the Summersville Dam gates are opened in the fall to take the lake's  water reserves down to winter pool levels.  For COP boaters it is a chance to test their skills on Class IV water and catalog a new set of misadventures/adventures to share around the campfire.  

The season began on the weekend of September 11 with a well run trip lead by Jim and Janice on the Lower Gauley River. 

Here are a few photos of the adventure portions, the misadventures ( mostly experienced by a somewhat less than Dynamic Duo in a whitewater tandem kayak)  required the attention of all hands working ( in tandem) to collect the runaway boat, gear and bodies hurtling downriver.

The first photo shows Jimi Nixon hand paddling his way over a small waterfall at Rocky Top Rapid. Other photos include the Dynamic Duo with their heads above the water and and an adventurous Ben Harder disappearing into a hydraulic in Junkyard Rapid.

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