Bicycle Tour Types

We offer several types of Tours (Full Service and Budget), Roving/one time, and Recurring rides.  These rides are described below:

Full Service Tour Information

Full Service Tour synopsis: Map, painted arrows on road, rider support, food provided
Full service tours offer snacks and lunch, as well as SAG support, and often the option of preregistration for a reduced price.  Routes will be marked and maps provided.  Multi-day tours require preregistration.  Generally these rides will attract 100 to 3000 riders and the cost will be at least $20
Budget Tour Information
Budget Tour Synopsis: Map, painted arrows, no sag support provided, no food provided. 
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP) sponsors a number of traditional one-day rides, known as budget tours, throughout the riding season. The rides are open to cyclists of all levels (A-B-C-D). You do not need to be a member of COP. Cost is $5, or $10 for non-members. You can preregister but on the day of ride Cash only please. Correct change appreciated. Please have COP member and emergency contact number available when signing registering. The rides go on rain or shine.
"Budget tour" means a map is supplied and the routes are marked on the road. Food is on your own at carryouts and restaurants carryouts along the way. Be sure to carry plenty of water and a snack, as food opportunities may be limited. Riders start on their own or with friends after registering. There is no mass start. A helmet is required.
The rides typically offer multiple routes, ranging from 27 to 100 mile loops on lightly traveled roads. Terrain may range from flat to very hilly, depending on the area. There will be route markings as you approach a turn, at the turn, and a confirmation mark after the turn. Straight-through intersections may not be marked unless confusing or it's been several miles since the last mark. Optional routes will be marked with the mileage.
Dates and starting locations are listed on the COP calendar and in the online activity schedule. Full service and budget tours are also normally listed in the OFB calendar. Registration time is normally from 7 - 9 am.
Maps, route advice and highlighters will be available at registration. Pick your route, start on your own and ride at your own (or your friends) pace.  But mostly, be safe and have fun! Ride with GPS files will be emailed to all pre-registered riders the evening before the ride.
Roving/One Time Rides
Roving/One Time Synopsis:  Map provided, all riders depart at same time, no cost to participate.

Roving/One Time rides do not cost anything for you to participate.  The leader might have a theme like seeking hills or flat.  They may have a unique destination like Amish country or Utica Ice Cream Festival.  Like full service and budget tours, these are unique rides and tend not to be repeated during the year.  
Recurring (Weekly) Rides
Recurring Ride Synopsis:  Map provided, all riders depart at same time, no cost to participate, the ride starts at the same location and time during the bicycle season.

Recurring rides do not cost anything for you to participate.  They tend to start at the same time and location each week.  Most of these rides occur Monday through Friday though we have a few that happen on the weekends.  

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