Are you interesting in getting your event in our Newsletter? or on our website?
You are not alone..
We have a few restrictions we must follow...

First the bad news...
We have restrictions on what we are allowed to advertise
  • No Banks 
  • No Credit Cards 
  • No Insurance 
  • No Travel (includes events for Profit)
Second the good news...
We are permitted to run advertisements for most everything else. (we reserve the right to refuse based on content)
Charity events, where the event is being run by the Charity are allowed.
Charity events, where the event is being run for profit and only part of the profit is going to the charity are not allowed.

Due Dates and What the Newsletter is focused on...

 Issue Month  Deadline  Focus    Issue Month  Deadline  Focus
 January no issue  Big 4 Events    July   June 5th   Unlimited 
 February  January 5th   Boating     August   July 5th   Unlimited 
 March  February 5th   Bicycling     September   August 5th   Hiking 
 April  March 5th   Backpacking     October   September 5th   Membership 
 May  April 5th   Climbing     November   October 5th   Winter Activities 
 June  May 5th   Unlimited    December  November 5th   Unlimited

Size and Cost...

Size Measurements  Cost Per Month 
Cost Per Year 
(Get 13 months when paid up front) 
 Business Card 3 1/2" wide x 2" high  $12.00  $144.00 
 1/6th page 2 1/2" wide x 4 3/4" high $25.00  $300.00
  1/4th page 3 3/4" wide x 4 3/4" high $33.00 $396.00 
  1/2th page  7 3/4" wide x 4 3/4" high $55.00 $660.00
  Full Page**  7 3/4" wide x 10 1/4" high $120.00  $1440.00

**Full page ads are available only rarely, on an available space basis. Please send artwork for bothe the full page ad you desire and a backup 1/2 page ad
Bakers Dozen - If you pay for your ad a year in advance, you will get 13 months for the price of 12.
Back Cover Ads - Priority goes to our regular half page advertisers on a rotating basis.
When space is limited, priority will always go to COP content first, followed by our regular advertisers.

If you have questions, please reach out to our newsletter editor

* Advertising is accepted upon prior arrangement with the Editor. Email or call before sending so we know to expect it.

* Ads in PDF (embed all fonts, send in actual size,-see sizes above) TIFF, or JPEG format (minimum 300dpi, actual size) can be emailed to the Editor. Paper ads must be
   camera-(scanner) ready and sent to the COP Office, 1525 Bethel Road, Suite 100, Columbus Ohio 43220-2054.

* All ads must be received by the Editor, or the COP office, by 11:59pm on the posted deadline. 

*  If the editor must add design work to your submission, you will be billed at $60.00 per hour for the time.

* When space is limited, priority goes to COP content first, followed by our regular advertisers.  For remaining space, preference is given to Ads for goods 
   or services that are “substantially related” to our mission - “Columbus Outdoor Pursuits is a volunteer-based, participatory organization created to provide
   opportunities and education for outdoor recreation and activities and thereby aid in acquisition of a greater knowledge and appreciation of the out-of-doors
   and to develop self-reliant, community minded citizens."

* When you send your ad, please include a name and address for us to send your invoice. Also, let us know which months you want the ad to run. We will bill
    you for the months you specify. Billing is usually done quarterly Please make checks payable to Columbus Outdoor Pursuits.

Circulation: Columbus Outdoors is published every month but January and goes to our 2300 members, plus 50 Bike Shops and Outdoor Stores in Central
                        Ohio. The most current edition is also posted on our website homepage for anyone and everyone to read.

The admission of an advertisement and/or content in violation of USPS guidelines does not obligate Columbus Outdoor Pursuits to continue to run
                      advertisements /content in violation of those guidelines.
In other words, sometimes we make mistakes in spite of our good intentions. We try not to repeat these mistakes; after all, there are so many new ones to
                     be made.

For more information about your favorite activity....

Email the Activiy Chairperson by clicking one of the following...

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For Everything Else Contact Us Here

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